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Release of 500th electric locomotives VL11M / 6

November 2013.

November 21, 2013 in the territory of JSC " Elmavalmshenebeli " hosted the celebrations dedicated to the anniversary release of electric ocomotive VL11M/6-500 . At a rally dedicated to the event , were the leaders of the plant, as well as representatives of client enterprises - Ukrainian railways and Georgian Railways . In their speeches, they stressed the importance and relevance of locomotives produced at the Tbilisi Electric Locomotive Building Plant , for the railways of these countries. Also during the meeting the awarding particularly the best employees of plant. For reference : First electric locomotive VL11M was released in 1987 and became one of the main cargo DC electric railways of the USSR. In recent years, the construction of an electric locomotive were made a number of changes aimed to improving the comfort and safety of its operation. From 2008 year, the Last modification of VL11M/ 6 electric locomotive being built for Ukrainian railways and operated in the Dnieper railway.


Митинг посвященный выпуску ВЛ11М6- 500

Митинг посвященный выпуску ВЛ11М6- 500 Митинг посвященный выпуску ВЛ11М6- 500

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