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Presentation of the electric locomotive of new modification VL11 M/6 took place on the plant.

October 2008.

           Presentation of the mainline electric locomotive of new modification VL11 M/6 took place on Tbilisi electric locomotive building plant (JSC "Elmavalmshenebeli"). Electric locomotive presented in Tbilisi is produced by the request of the The State Administration of the Ukrainian railway "Ukrzaliznitsya" and satisfies all its technical requirements.

           Electric locomotive VL11 М/6 is intended for service on electrified lines with catenary voltage 3000 V. The locomotive consists of two sections. Each section contains equipment which ensures operation in duties of traction and braking with control from either cab. Modular cabs are installed in order to improve working conditions for locomotive crews produced by LLC «PKPP MDS» (Dnepropetrovsk), satisfying all modern requirements of design.

           The cab was designed as the separate assembling module with one-piece fiberglass body supplied with all necessary equipment. Special attention is given to sanitary and fire-prevention safety. Ergonomic and safe working area for the master and his assistant was designed. It includes: - climate control of the cab; - system of heating; - enlarged windshield with the electric heating; - controlled lateral mirrors with the heating; - alarm devices and panel light on light-emitting; - heated floor; - system of the general and local illumination; - ergonomic chairs of the master and his assistant.

Электровоз ВЛ11 М/6     Электровоз ВЛ11 М/6

          Also on the electric locomotive VL11 М/6 the following innovations are installed: - electric controller system, fire safety system and diagnostic system developed by the scientific research institute «Kvantum-Radioelectronica» (Kiev); - Static converters of the second generation of produced by Di-Elcom s.r.o. (Czech Republic).

         The solemn presentation of the new electric locomotive took pace on October, 16th, 2008. Customers and partners of the plant from various countries of Europe and the CIS took part. Delegations got acquainted with new machine and the workshops on the plant with great interest.         

         Energy and diligence of plant’s collective, readiness to keep up to date and to achieve greater goals - prerequisites for confident future of the plant, pledge that production of the plant will hold a worthy place on the railway engineering market.

Comments of visitors

06.07.2016 23:37:57ГостьВЛ11М6
 На фото показан ВЛ11М6-001 который впоследствии был переименован в ВЛ11М6-479 ?
09.01.2009 14:32:17иванвл-11М/б
 электровоз по описанию и повнешним данным хорош,но хотелось бы увидеть внутринности и электрические схемы.в депо Волховстрой ждут новинок!!!С уважением...
16.11.2008 00:42:00Анатолий...
 Я рад, что первыми они прийдут в Украину, а именно в депо Кривой Рог Главный
15.11.2008 23:23:40СергейВЛ11М/6
 Красивый локомотив. Хотелось бы видеть такие электровозы на Донецкой жд. Кстати, а почему оставили серию ВЛ11 - ведь этот электровоз был создан для работы по системе СМЕ, а ВЛ11М/5 и ВЛ11М/6 я смотрю утратили такую возможность, следовательно и серия должна быть другой. А в общем-молодцы. Удачи. Ждем новых электровозов!!!
07.11.2008 01:06:03ОЛЕГ И,Поздравления!
 А, по-моему, очень симпатично получилось (шарики мешают общей картине). Счасливого пути! Побольше бы таких новинок.
05.11.2008 16:03:43Iron_FelixОписание
 Подробней бы описание и технические характеристики...
И в чём отличия от 8Е1?
С уважением...

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