84, D. Guramishvili Ave.,
Tbilisi, Georgia, 0141


The 1st CEE Independent Railway Operators' Forum and Conference in Poland.

June 2007.

Tbilisi electric locomotive building plant took part in the 1st CEE Independent Operators' Forum and Conference: "Cooperation or an Open Battle: The state-owned railway enterprises’ response to the challenge from the independent sector", on June, 25th -26th , 2007, Warsaw, Poland.

The plant presented one of the latest developments - the project of new main line eight-axle electric locomotive for European /Stephenson/ gauge (1435 mm), intended for cargo transit by railways with 3000 voltage. It consists of two constantly concatenated units. Every unit has an equipment set which provides running in draught and braking modes, with the opportunity to control the box from any unit.

At the stand of the plant railway experts got a detailed information and technical description about the project from TEVZ’s representatives.

The exhibition has became a serious base for contacts and successful negotiations in the area of partnership and development of the project.

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