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Quench the coke

January 2006.

On Joint-stock company "Elmavalmshenebli" (TEVZ) it is created new (industrial) coke-quenching electric locomotive EK15 which is much more perfect than predecessor EK14.

It is an electric locomotive of new generation with more comfortable working conditions for driver. So, the working zone of the locomotive transporting coke in hot shops of metallurgical combines, is equipped by a central air of air. Besides in a cabin driver instead of two bulky controllers one new, more compact and convenient device is established. On EK15 electromagnetic rheostatic braking by means of which almost instant emergency stop of a train is possible for the first time is applied.

The electric part of a control system of the locomotive is executed with use of semi-conductor technics (tiristors, integrated schemes, etc.). The electric locomotive is equipped by system of remote control, there is also a onboard MANAGEMENT information system.

This machine is calculated on operation in temperature modes from a minus 50 up to plus of 60 degrees. For the control of temperature of transported coke over the locomotive the high-sensitivity thermometer is established.

The factory has already received applications from the several largest metallurgical companies of Russia on manufacturing of new electric locomotives within the limits of contracts on carrying out of reconstruction coke batteries of the enterprises.

Alexander David'ants. "Gudok",

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