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Electric locomotive 4E1

Passenger electric locomotive of direct current.

JSC “Elmavalmshenebeli” proposes collaboration

 Time goes by, new leaders come to work, political systems take changes, only the attitude of people to their profession stays unchangeable, the affair to which the whole life is sometimes devoted. On 5 March 1933 in the capital of Georgia on the locomotive repairing plant the start of building electric locomotives in Tbilisi was made. The initiator and the first manager of electric locomotive repairing workshop of the plant became Sh. Logua - in the future the famous electrical engineer of the USSR, еру Hero of Socialist Labour, the holder of a number of orders and medals. The life of the factory - is the history of several generations, the history of inestimable labour of many thousands of employees. This is the history of creating of freight electric locomotives of direct current, these are the deserving designs and qualitative realization, this is the necessity for Russian railways. We asked chief engineer of the plant D.N. Bolashvili to speak about the history of the plant, about the people which created


January 2006

4E1 electric locomotive

Electric locomotive 4E14E1 electric locomotive


November 2005

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