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Koksotushilnyj an electric locomotive of new generation

November 2005.

Despite of existing hearings about cessation of work, joint-stock company " yeaeo?iaicino?ieoaeu " (of Tbilisi) as well as in days of existence of Soviet Union, successfully makes cargo both passenger electric locomotives of a direct current and the certificated spare parts to them. For seventy two years of work Tbilisi elektrovozostroitelnyj the factory has proved, that it can be trusted.
Now on joint-stock company " yeaeo?iaicino?ieoaeu " the batch production koksotushilnyh electric locomotives is restored. To one of last development of the enterprise became new koksotushilnyj electric locomotive YE15. It much more technologically and more absolutely the prototype known YE14.
As is known, Tbilisi "elektrovozostroitel" was and is the basic manufacturer of the given kind of specialized railway technics in territory of the USSR. Thus YE14 it was successfully delivered in many countries of the world. YE14 it was developed by designers TEVZ at Soviet Union. The nearest months a gate of a factory will leave anniversary koksotushilnyj an electric locomotive behind number 400! Owing to unique experience of manufacture of the electric locomotives maintained for 20 and more years, mark TEVZ uses the deserved respect, as in Russia, and abroad.
That it is impossible while to tell about Russian and Ukrainian copies YE14 which pre-production models only are created and are not checked up by manufacture, and cost much more dearly. Last attempt to copy YE14 has turned back a large failure, electric locomotive widely advertised in mass media, was made almost year (whereas on TEVZ term of manufacturing of electric locomotives makes 2-3 months from date of start in manufacture). After receipt to the customer it was found out, that the electric locomotive elementary is not entered in dimensions, a number of the essential sizes of the battery is not considered! As they say it is not enough to have drawings and capacities, not bad to have also corresponding experience. Railway technics - a specific product and a separate industry.
While competitors only try to copy YE14, TEVZ actively makes model of new sample YE15, on the approach export variants YE16 and YE17 developed for tropical conditions and a "narrow" track of the European standard.
At present joint-stock company " yeaeo?iaicino?ieoaeu " has made electric locomotives YE-15 under the order of Open Society " Severstal ", YE-14O under the order of Open Society " IA?AE ", Open Society " Mittal Steel " (Kazakhstan) within the limits of contracts on reconstruction koksovyh batteries of the enterprises. On a number of other enterprises of the CIS, electric locomotives are shipped to stages of signing contracts on delivery of electric locomotives to Iran, Pakistan, other countries.
YE-15 - an electric locomotive of new generation with more comfortable operating conditions mashinista and division on blocks of mechanical and electric parts. The central air of a working zone now enters into a standard complete set. It is calculated on work in a temperature mode from-50 up to + 60 ' C. YE15 essentially differs from the predecessor a control system of an electric locomotive and the converters, more convenient dimensions. (in general dimensions can be developed under the concrete battery of the customer).
One of basic differences YE15 from the predecessor is rheostatic braking. On YE15 rheostatic braking by means of which almost full stop of a train is possible, to within millimeters for the first time is applied. Then application of an electromagnetic rail brake provides fixing and an exact stop of a train. With introduction of a reliable rheostatic brake disappears necessity of constant application of an electropneumatic brake. Therefore the electropneumatic brake is left on an electric locomotive already as reserve, used as the basic for safe movement. Such innovation allows to reduce deterioration brake kolodok, to protect wheel pairs from deterioration. Owing to it the significant part eksplutatsionnyh charges decreases, and reliability of safe movement koksotushilnyh trains increases.
Besides in YE15 electronic devices are translated on new modern element base, the design of converters of anchor circuits is simplified. The electric part of a control system is executed with use of semi-conductor technics (tiristory, integrated schemes, etc.) the bulky reversive switch is excluded From the scheme of an electric locomotive. The converter of a feed of windings of excitation of traction engines is executed completely operated and reversive, in the same dimension, as on YE14.
The cabin mashinista YE15 now is equipped by one compact again developed controller for management of an electric locomotive, instead of two bulky applied earlier. It provides start-up and dispersal YE15 with the set speed and start of the activator in a mode with constant restriction. Up to 400A a current of excitation in a mode of draft, and from 80A up to 600A a current of excitation in a mode of rheostatic braking.
Essential simplification of the power scheme and the scheme of management of an electric locomotive considerably raises reliability of work as a whole. For additional increase of reliability of work as the source of the stabilized pressure 50A a direct current and a source of a continuous feed of a control system is entered. Application of engines of the closed execution as considerably increases reliability of their work.
The system of remote control by an electric locomotive in modes of draft and rheostatic braking is introduced. The opportunity of automatic control from the onboard MANAGEMENT information system, the standard interface with necessary program service is stipulated. Processes of maintenance of constant values of force of draft and creeping speeds of an electric locomotive are completely automated.
The necessary equipment for maintenance of a radioexchange is established.
For system of gauging of temperatures of coke on dveresemnyh machines pyrometers of type LAND-SOLO. Are established
The system of emergency operation is advanced. At failure of the traction engine, or the converter the scheme stipulates their remote block switching-off. (instead of bulky knife switches with a manual drive which on YE14 have been established in a cabin mashinista that complicated installation of a power circuit and did not provide full localization of an emergency since windings of excitation of the damaged engine remained in a circuit of excitation).
Cabin mashinista and kontaktornaja a cabin have condensation of doors, windows and hatches. Kontaktornaja the cabin is equipped by additional illumination (on perimeter). The cabin mashinista is equipped by a board for maintenance mashinista the following information: about number of the furnace and time of delivery of coke under the schedule; about position tushilnogo the car rather dveresemnoj machines, tushilnoj towers, koksovoj stages; about an empty seat on koksovoj to a stage; about position of unloading shutters tushilnogo the car. About that that the central air and ventilation of a cabin mashinista enters into a standard complete set, was already spoken.
Interesting development of the Tbilisi engineers also is chetyrehosnyj an industrial electric locomotive of a direct current of type 4A10 and 4A1; In 2000 the factory in the shortest term has designed and has made a new electric locomotive under the order of the Georgian railway. It is really special electric locomotive, having only four axis, surpasses shestiosnye, electric locomotives AE-22I most widespread earlier on capacity on 25 %.
It is not out of place to remind that basic production of joint-stock company " yeaeo?iaicino?ieoaeu " are main electric locomotives AE11, AE15 which can be made as under the order in view of specific features and conditions of the customer, and are available. Both in Tbilisi, and in a warehouse in Ekaterinburg.
To issue purchase or leasing of a necessary electric locomotive of the Tbilisi manufacture, at all it is unessential to go to Georgia. It is enough to address to general distributor TEVZ on Russia and the CIS of Joint-Stock Company " Ai?oaoeiiieaeo " (Ekaterinburg). The price thus, will be in two-one and a half times below, than on the Ukrainian analogues, let alone Yugoslavian or German. It is necessary to notice, that by estimations of experts, to buy electric locomotives much more favourably, than to take industrial and main electric locomotives in rent from the Russian railways. On the average a recoupment of railway locomotives from three till five years, and real term of operation of 20 and more years! Thus manufacturing borrows two-rub months from date of start in manufacture.
Except for it offers on factory modernization of electric locomotives YE14, YE13 being in operation on koksohimicheskih the enterprises are now studied. Experts of joint-stock company " yeaeo?iaicino?ieoaeu " are ready to leave to the customer to survey the machine on a place and to give out the conclusion on a necessary complex of works on modernization EK at the customer. It is known, that modernization manages much more cheaply purchase of the new machine, and participation in this work of professionals guarantees reception against the manufacturer as a result of an economic, modern electric locomotive executed according to technical requirements.
Joint-stock company " yeaeo?iaicino?ieoaeu " on former is the unique manufacturer of the main electric locomotives of a direct current in territory of the former USSR. Electric locomotives AE10O, AE11I, AE15 manufactures TEVZ carry out more than half of all cargo transportations of railways of Russia.
For convenience of clients of Joint-Stock Company " Ai?oaoeiiieaeo " offers leasing programs by means of which to get electric locomotives even more favourably.
Joint-Stock Company " Ai?oaoeiiieaeo " and joint-stock company " yeaeo?iaicino?ieoaeu " - the qualitative decision at the reasonable prices.

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